Hi, I’m Taylor.

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This is my heart’s calling.

– Taylor Knight James –


Birth is a rite of passage, something that will change your very being.

No matter how many times you experience it, it changes you. Shouldn’t this momentous life event be treated like the sacred experience it is? That is my heart’s calling; to make birth beautiful and for those who experience it to feel empowered.

My name is Taylor James, the woman and doula behind Bhavana Mama. I created this service because I am inspired by birth, amazed by the women who do it, and believe in the birth revolution! Folks are beginning to see their strength in the birthing world. It is in our very bones to give birth to our babies and I’m only here to help you see your own strength.

In any rite of passage, the time leading up to the event should be filled with mindfulness around what is to come. I have a holistic approach to support during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum and work with those who are wanting to be an active participant in their experience. It is my goal to educate you on everything one would need to know when it comes to childbirth, and then help you forget it all to allow your body to do what it already knows to do. Whether you're planning a home birth, scheduling a c-section, or anything in between, I as your doula support and advocate for your goals. I am here to make space for the incredible experience of birth, to facilitate a more peaceful entrance into the world for the future generations, and to raise up women to be the strong, capable mothers they are.